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/ Dr. Kingsley Chin

Kingsley R Chin MD, MBA

Founder, Chairman & CEO
KIC Ventures

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Executive Leadership:

  • An exemplary leader with a profound impact in the healthcare technology industry.

  • As a prominent member of KIC Ventures' Executive Council, he plays a crucial role in shaping the firm’s strategic direction and management decisions, significantly influencing its path towards success and innovation


Innovative Achievements:

  • Sole Inventor of the Stryker MANTIS percutaneous pedicle screw system, a minimally invasive spine technology.

  • Achieved a landmark 100X return on investment with Stryker Spine’s acquisition in 2005.


Visionary in Healthcare Technology:

  • Instrumental in establishing and growing KIC Ventures in Boston.

  • Focused on personal leadership development and mentorship.

Early Life and Inspirations:

  • Born in Buff Bay, Jamaica.

  • Overcame adversity growing up in a single-parent household.

  • Early life struggles instilled a desire to influence and impact the world.


Educational and Professional Journey:

  • Academic-athletic scholarship recipient; Ivy League Player of the Year in soccer.

  • Elected president of his senior class.


Corporate Experience:

  • Worked with AT&T Bell Labs, Andersen (Accenture), Cigna, and Goldman Sachs.

Orthopedic and Spine Surgery Expertise:

  • Fellowship at the University Hospitals of Cleveland, Case Western University.

  • Chief Spine Surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania.


Academic Contributions:

  • Authored the book "Prove Yourself: Twelve Essential Keys To Rise in Life and Business. Revised Edition."

  • Over 50 patents, 100+ scientific papers, book chapters, and reviews for top journals.



Dr. Kingsley R. Chin's journey from humble beginnings in Jamaica to becoming a luminary in the medical and business world is a testament to his resilience, innovation, and leadership. His contributions to spine surgery technology and healthcare, coupled with his academic and corporate excellence, make him an invaluable asset to KIC Ventures and a beacon for aspiring professionals worldwide.



  • B.A Mathematics, Columbia University

  • B.S. Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Columbia University

  • MD Doctor of Medicine (Honors), Harvard Medical School

  • MBA Healthcare Management, Ball State University

  • Degree in Leadership, Harvard Business School

  • Residency in Orthopedic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University

  • Orthopedic Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Harvard University

  • Spine Fellowship, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

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