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Our Passion

At NANISX, our passion is deeply anchored in transforming the landscape of outpatient spine surgery for orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and interventional pain management.

Our Goal

At NANISX, our driving goal is guided by the philosophy of minimizing surgical intervention while maximizing patient outcomes. Our team of engineers and physicians, dedicated and united in purpose, is continuously innovating to redefine interventional spine surgery. Our procedures, characterized by safety, simplicity, and minimal incisions, underscore our dedication to swift and effective patient recovery.


Our Company

NANISX LLC, a pioneering leader in outpatient spine surgery medical device innovation, operates under the distinguished KIC Ventures umbrella – renowned as a healthtech investment holding entity with 10+ years of strategic~ investments in cutting-edge advancements in spine surgery. At NANISX, we seamlessly integrate the expertise of physician partners to advance technologies and revolutionary techniques, all guided by our philosophy of Less Exposure Spine Surgery (LESS™).

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Our Driving Force

Motivated by a purpose to develop patentable products for the well-being of our patients, NANISX passionately dedicates itself to creating best-in-class technologies through continuous innovation. Our ultimate goal is to serve a global network of outpatient facilities that not only inspire confidence and ensure safety but also facilitate swift recovery for every patient undergoing outpatient spine surgery. At NANISX, innovation is not merely for profits; it is our unwavering commitment to shaping the best future of outpatient spine surgery for patients.

Industry Expertise

Leading Change in Outpatient Spine Surgery

Founded by a Harvard-trained spine surgeon with 20+ years of experience, our team, including physician investors, excels in identifying and solving critical healthcare issues. We leverage collective expertise and data-driven research to innovate impactful solutions, uniquely positioning us at the forefront of outpatient spine surgery transformation.


Company Philosophy

Commitment to Innovation

Our deep passion identifying and nurturing cutting-edge innovations led us to have many best in the world solutions advancing spine surgery

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NANISX is right for your patients !!

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